Laura John derives great joy by creating works of art that are whimsical and full of unexpected color.  She likes to have a variety of colors on her brush. Sometimes it makes for a surprisingly interesting blend of color. 

Laura was born in Oak Park, Illinois; moved to Florida as a child; was educated at Broward Community College, Dade Community College and the University of  Florida. After raising five children (and two husbands) she spends every day painting and playing the piano. "How could I ask for a better life?" Although portraits are her specialty, her range of style is astonishing. Loose landscapes, children in the mountains, people, floral, fauna, whimsical bears, cannot escape the artistic expression within Laura's brush. 

Since moving to North Carolina she has received the Highland Art League members’ show People’s Choice Award 1996, 1999, 2006 and 2007.  In addition, she was commissioned to paint the Old Fairfield Inn, which was located on Fairfield Lake in Sapphire N. C.  Laura shares her love for self-expression by teaching classes.  She has taught art for many years at Chestnut Hill in Highlands , N. C.  Laura now resides in Sapphire Valley, a delightful mountain chalet personally designed and built by her husband Jeff.  Her home also serves as a working studio and is filled with her artwork, finished and in progress.  Laura is quick to give God the credit for her talent.  Perhaps we are the blessed ones, fortunate to catch a glimpse.  Her art can be viewed on line at or contact the artist at


“Everywhere I look I see a painting.  I can’t wait to put it on canvas so others can enjoy it.”